Stil & Teknik starts covering biotech

Fashion tech isn’t just the merge of fashion with technology as in computers and IT technology. In this concept there is room for other things as well. Biotechnology for instance, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. So many exiting things are happening in this area, constantly. Especially when it comes to material development, something that the fashion business needs badly.
And as you may have seen, this is something I have covered in several articles over the past few years, while staying pretty focused on the IT side of things here on the blog, apart from a few posts.
But that changes now.
From now on I’ll also be covering biotech connected to fashion on a regular basis, simply because it is too interesting not to and because I really don’t want to draw a line between the technologies that are changing fashion. So stay tuned for upcoming news!

MuSkin, vegan leather made from mushrooms.


Syntethic spider silk from Spiber.



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