An aesthetic approach to prosthetics

Why should you have to settle for a boring grey, industrial looking prosthetic, when you instead can dress it up in something that actually looks good? Good question indeed! Canadian design studio Alleles just happens to specialize in making prosthetic limb covers that come in all kinds of shapes, colours and styles. And the coolest thing is that they market themselves as a design brand, not a medical aid brand – so the esthetics is really at the forefront. And above all, they really connect to what I was trying to make a point of they other day, that what we need from fashion tech these days are things that solve actual, existing problems. This certainly does.
Like Alleles art director McCauley Wanner says in this week’s episode of Electric Runway Podcast:
– We are trying to create something that allows people to dress their prothesis in the way that they would the rest of their body. And in a way it allows the prosthetic to not appear as this medical device sticking out, but rather something that goes with the rest of their style.
Photo credit: Alleles Instagram account.



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