Your future wardrobe: an experience rather than objects to own?

The fact that we need to reduce our consumption in order to save the environment is something most of us agree on. Especially when it comes to consumption of fashion. We need fast fashion to be replaced by slow fashion, right? But what if it could be the other way around? If quality could mean something else? If quantity could actually be quality?
Well, Swedish project Streamateria is attempting something quite unusual. The idea is to create an avatar of your body using 3D scanning, then download a design of your choice that the avatar can try on. Then just press print and collect the item in a pop-up store. When the item, made out of a biodegradable material, has expired, you just throw it in the compost and it’s goes right back into the system again. Thus, the clothes may have a limited life span, but since they’re part of a closed loop, the raw material can be reused unlimited times. The company compares this to a streaming process where you use, rather than have, thereby shifting the focus from owning clothes, to experiencing them.
Streamateria actually started as an art project in 2014, but since then several partners have expressed interest, and next year they’re planning to pilot the whole concept. I for one look forward to seeing what it might bring.

skarmavbild-2017-01-19-kl-15-37-28 skarmavbild-2017-01-19-kl-15-37-54




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