Ivyrevel’s Data Dress should make us think twice

Would you be willing to have an app scan your daily habits – like where you go and what you do – and translate that into a print for your unique, personalized dress? Well, whether you would or not, is not really the point. The point with the newly launched Data Dress is to show off the first collaboration between Google and Swedish Ivyrevel (owned by H&M Group), two players who have made their ambitions in the connected clothing field clear for a long time. The app is currently being tested by a number of influencers who will post their stories over the next months. Those interested can sign up for a later trial as well, ahead of the public release. This is without a question an interesting project.
But the really interesting question, is what Google + Ivyrevel is going to do next. How will they translate the experiences gained from the Data Dress into something that can be commercialized and truly useful for the customer? Tech solutions for customized clothing is a budding market for sure, especially if it makes custom clothing accessible to a lower price. Something that will in turn, likely lead to fewer returns and possibly a closer connection with customer and brand.
But customizing by collecting customer data is not going to be the way.
As a customer, a dress created this way is something you try once at best. For fun, because you can, for that special occasion. And although we’re already traceable through our phones and internet habits, I would definitely think twice before I give away my personal data to yet another player on the market. The fact that big companies already know more about us than we want to think about, is no reason to stop caring. We should never stop reflecting over, or get lazy about, our personal integrity.





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