Digital natives, sure. But Gen Z still prefers in store-shopping

It’s easy to believe that people who were born into the digital era would naturally prefer to do everything, including their shopping, online in a digital space. But in fact, a lot of the Gen Z:ers (16-21) actually seem to prefer to shop for clothing the old fashioned way. At least according to a recent report from American analytics firm Euclid Analytics, says Fashion and Mash.
The study showed that while they tend to do their research digitally before purchase, and share their experiences and shopping choices through Snapchat and Instagram during and after, they actually prefer to touch, hold and try on the clothes in a brick and mortar store pre-purchase.
They also expect stores to offer a personalized experience based on their shopping habits and preferences. Luckily retail is picking up on this, which is noticeable in the way more and more stores become more digitalized, offering smarter dressing room and payment options and in store VR and AR experiences, thereby closing the gap between the online shopping experience and the in store experience. I think we’ll see a lot more of this in the next couple of years.

Photo credit: Fashion and Mash,




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