Radical fashtech move from Swedish Atacac

Gothenburg based fashion studio Atacac, have plans for the future of fashion. The Rickard Lindqvist and Jimmy Herdberg founded studio/lab, wants to change the way clothes are designed, sold and produced, in their very own way. They make very realistic 3D models of each garment that are then presented in their store. The aim is to sell them before they are produced, that way avoiding overproducing, a problem that the fashion industry is struggling to solve at the moment.
As part of that development, the group announced something quite radical when speaking at Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks last Wednesday: From now on, all their garment templates are free, which means you can download the 2D cutting patterns and the 3D visualization from their store. The idea is to encourage developments of their designs. Quite an exciting move, I have to say.



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