Nike turns to tech to launch shoes the fun way

It may not be the easiest way to launch a new product, but certainly one of the more entertaining. When Nike dropped it’s latest model this summer, they turned to two of the things that people enjoy the most: playing games and doing so on their smartphones. Via their Nike + SNKRS app they let everybody know that the new shoe would only be available on a specific location on a specific day. If you weren’t present at the given location you simply couldn’t buy it. This made hoards of people of all ages and walks of life show up at one of the chosen locations, Washington Square Park, in New York City. In what Business of Fashion describes as a ”parkour inspired flash mob” people suddenly took off to a certain destination in the park, stopping only to pull out their credit cards. This way, the limited edition PSNY x Air Jordan 12s, turned into something far beyond just shoes and entered into treasured status symbols. Nike is not the first sneaker brand to try to implement smartphones and apps into their selling strategy, but probably the most successful so far.



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