Check out the world’s first 3D-printed jacket – that you can actually buy

Israeli design student Danit Peleg made waves of excitement in the Fashion tech world when she released her 3D-printed clothing collection in 2015. The collection was part of her graduation project, which is why it’s now very exciting to see her launch her – and the world’s first – fully 3D-printed and commercially available piece of clothing: The ”Imagine” bomber jacket.
The jacket is part of a limited edition collection of 100 jackets, that you can preorder and personalize on Peleg’s website. By the looks of her Instagram account swimwear also seems to be in the making for the summer, so I suggest you keep your eyes open.
Imagine jacket 12

Imagine jacket 8Photo credit, both photos: Daria Ratiner
Skärmavbild 2018-04-17 kl. 15.07.25
Screenshot from Danit Peleg’s Instagram.



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