New measuring tool for circularity

How do you measure circularity? The Ellen McArthur Foundation just launched their own tool ”Circulytics” that claim to help businesses do just that. The tool uses company data paired with the foundations’ own insights and analysis to help companies track their entire operation and their progress in to a circular model.  That is, not just measuring product and material flows, but looking at the whole picture from whether circularity is part of the core strategy to whether a company have the right skills and staff involved to make the transition. This way companies can see how well they do in comparison with others in the industry, and also help them inform strategy.
The Ellen McArthur Foundation is a UK charity founded in 2010 to to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy. During that time they have become a popular partner for fashion companies seeking to become more sustainable. Their aim though, is to help any company from any industry.


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