Stil & Teknik today: guest columnist at Breakit

What can space engineers do for haute couture? How can psychology help retailers in crisis? Read all about it in my guest column for Swedish tech mag Breakit. If you don’t speak Swedish, time to get your Google Translate going.


Mysterious fashion tech-rumors about H&M

H&M stock is plummeting, but are perhaps other things cooking at the Swedish multinational clothing retailer…? Well, according to the site Influencive a secret fashion tech project is brewing at the budget clothing chain. An unnamed ”credible source” was recently invited to their new technology lab in Los Angeles to witness the new project which is described as ”probably the strongest vision I’ve ever seen of what fashion will look like in the future”. All incredibly vague of course and most likely meant to be, in order to create maximum buzz for a company in great need to get their online shopping in tune with today’s customer needs. The source in question brought one thing with them after this mysterious meeting though: a website address containing nothing more than lifestyle pictures in the spirit of H&M. Want to try to interpret some kind of hidden message in to them? Go to

Oscar nominee wears Naim Josefi dress to Academy Awards

And here’s some exciting news! Swedish designer and tech buff Naim Josefi gets to show off one of his designs in Hollywood on Sunday. Swedish Oscar Nominee Bahar Pars starring in ”A man called Ove”, will be wearing a dress by the Swedish designer on red carpet of the Academy Awards. The dress, covered in no less than 6 000 steel sequins, is paired with a 3D-printed necklace designed by Josefi. It remains unclear whether or not Lumitoro, the Swedish 3D-print jewelry brand that assisted on Josefi’s upcoming, likewise steel sequined collection, is involved in this project as well. But it certainly looks like it.


My tech baby is growing up so fast – Stil & Teknik two years old today!

Jeez! Time certainly flies. Today my little tech baby Stil & Teknik turns two years old. Två, dos, zwei! The first lecture of the year is already booked and more fun is being planned as we speak. This blog has led to more fun than I could ever imagine, starting it initially as a project for my own amusement. See you on my further adventures!


Swedish School of Textiles starts teaching digital trade

Shopping in the physical world is definitely going more and more digital. Rebecca Minkoff installed smart mirrors in the changing rooms of her flagship store a good while ago to make try-ons easier, and by fall 2015 Zara had done something similar by providing ipads in theirs. Now The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås has added the masters course Management of digital trade to their curriculum. The course is intended for students with a bachelor in business administration and the idea is to create an understanding not only for online trade but also how trade in physical stores is starting to change with these digital in store-solutions.

Stil & Teknik starts covering biotech

Fashion tech isn’t just the merge of fashion with technology as in computers and IT technology. In this concept there is room for other things as well. Biotechnology for instance, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. So many exiting things are happening in this area, constantly. Especially when it comes to material development, something that the fashion business needs badly.
And as you may have seen, this is something I have covered in several articles over the past few years, while staying pretty focused on the IT side of things here on the blog, apart from a few posts.
But that changes now.
From now on I’ll also be covering biotech connected to fashion on a regular basis, simply because it is too interesting not to and because I really don’t want to draw a line between the technologies that are changing fashion. So stay tuned for upcoming news!

MuSkin, vegan leather made from mushrooms.


Syntethic spider silk from Spiber.

Stil & Teknik: Now in English only!

Yes! It’s a new year with lots of exciting news for Stil & Teknik! Step one is switching to English only on the blog, in order to better cater to all of my readers. Step two is to broaden the whole concept of Stil & Teknik. I can’t specify what that means just yet, but I promise I’ll keep you posted. So welcome to 2017 and stay tuned for more upcoming news!
Photo credit: Stil & Teknik