Let’s talk about what fashion can do for the climate

So what can fashion do for the climate? A whole lot as we all know, for instance like this article in The Guardian points out so clearly. But the conversation needs to keep going, more new ideas need to come forward and above all: things need to change.
Tonight, the Swedish banking app Doconomy is hosting a talk about this very subject in Stockholm. The talk will focus on how to take steps towards new sustainable business models, how to help consumers make better choices and all in all achieve a sustainable industry. Participating in the panel are Kristina Dimitrova from Interlaced, Pierre Norberg from Tradera, Johan Graffner from Dedicated, Johanna Norrman from It’s Re:Leased, and Emelie Norberg and Emmeli Harila from Klädbytardagen Sthlm.


Berlin goes fashion tech again

The January edition of Fashion Tech Berlin conference started today! This time the conference revolves around how to transform your organisation digitally throughout the value chain, and will focus specifically on four aspects of this transformation: leadership & culture, innovation & technology, customer journey and future of work. Among the  speakers you’ll find Rebecca Minkoff CBO Ana Andjelic, founder of Awaytomars Alfredo Orobio, Hyper Island CEO Sofia Wingren och many others.
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Industry giants gather at Hong Kong retail conference

What will retail become in the future? Retail industry leaders such as H&M and Guess will gather on January 23rd to discuss this in Hong Kong, at this year’s edition of the Retail Cutting Edge conference. The conference will revolve around the four themes retail for the next decade, blockchain in retail, global change pain points and AR and VR. Within these themes they will explore for instance how blockchain can be used to prove product authenticity, how the demand for sustainability changes the way brands interact with customers and how AR and VR can make the transition from gimmicky to mainstream in the retail space. Read more at https://live.insideretail.hk/.
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Design on demand and virtual try-on at Swedish School of Textiles

Clothes that fit every individual perfectly – that’s a puzzle many in the fashion industry are trying to solve. One of them are the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås who recently  piloted an app where customers can order clothes in their individual measures, and try on their personal avatar before placing the order, SVT nyheter reports.
The project went well and the sports brand they collaborated with for this project will continue to sell clothing on demand.
Producing clothing this way have the potential to decrease overproduction. Fewer clothes would have to be produced and sales – that are actually a symptom of harmful overproduction – could be eliminated.


Design student takes major 3D-printing step with her graduation collection

3D-printed shoes used to mean a printed plastic sole combined with a woven upper. But now, fashion design graduate Ganit Goldstein have collaborated with Stratasys to create a collection of shoes printed in one step, using Stratasys multi material 3D-printing technology, FashNerd reports. The shoe collection is part of Golstein’s graduation collection ”Between the layers” that consists of six pair of shoes and seven outfits, all 3D-printed.
Want to see the shoes in real life? Go to Munich this spring, where the shoes will be displayed at the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trade between the 13th and 17th of March 2019.
ganit goldstein shoes
Photo credit: Ganit Goldstein

Innovation award to ocean plastics recycler profile Cyrill Gutsch

Founder of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch, was rewarded the Special Recognition Award for Innovation at the British Fashion Council’s annual awards Monday night. He got the award for his work with recycling plastics recovered from the ocean, that has then ended up as new products in brands such as Adidas and Stella McCartney, The Current Daily reports.
“The planet is broken, the oceans are nearly dead and we need a dream of a magic blue universe that is well protected – something that we actually fight for together,” he said when recieving his award.
And Cyrill Gutsch is a firm believer in the power of fashion in the fight against climate change. A couple of weeks ago, he said to Vouge:
“Fashion has the power to change people’s minds in a very quick way. It has a big role to play in environmentalism, because it [speaks to] people on an emotional and instinctual level. It speaks to desire and beauty, and allows us to convey this very serious message about the fragility of the planet in a way that isn’t preachy. It’s positive. And it’s fast.”




Swedish fashion chains support UN fashion sustainability charter with own initiative STICA

Swedish fashion chains Kapp-Ahl and H&M along with Peak Performance, are supporting the UN ”Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action” with its own local initiative. With ”Swedish Textile Initiative For Climate Action” (STICA) they commit to reducing their climate impact with at least 30 percent by 2030. To reach this goal they are creating a platform for ”knowledge sharing, collaboration and reporting”, as stated in a press release. They also invite other textile companies to join them.
UN’s Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Acton is being launched today at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.