Amazons 3D model startup acquisition – a fashion win?

Will we soon be able to try on clothes digitally, making online shopping less of a hassle? Well, according to TechCrunch, Amazon just bought Body Labs, a New York startup that creates 3D body models that can be used for gaming avatars or virtually trying on clothes. Amazon has not yet made any comment on the acquisition, so exactly what they’re planning to do with this technology remains to be seen. On the other hand, Amazon is certainly serious about becoming a apparel destination, so it would make sense for them to go this direction.


Instagram launches shoppable posts in the US

Last fall Instagram started testing shoppable posts with a number of US brands. Earlier this week the photo sharing application launched the service for real in the United States. The new function allows brands to make their content shoppable directly in the post. This way potential customers don’t have to leave Instagram in order to shop. No word yet on when this will launch in the rest of the world though, but I suspect it’s not going to take that long since about 80 percent of Instagram users are outside of the US.

Colour changing fabric powered by the wearer

Clothes that change colours while wearing them, is nothing new. Thermochromatic inks, as the proper term goes, have been seen on scarfs and t-shirts for some time, but never really gotten a break-through. Maybe designer Julianna Bass, who recently showcased her latest collection at New York Fashion Week, will help change that. Unlike other colour changing fabrics who are triggered by the body heat of the wearer, Bass’s dresses are equipped with small power sources controlled by a soft button integrated in the fabric. This way the wearer controls the change in colour, instead of being surprised by it. The dresses were made in partnership with New York-company Loomia, founded by fashion tech profile Madison Maxey.

Photo credit: Dan Lacca/Julianna Bass SS18 collection, showcased at New York Fashion Week.


Mysterious fashion tech-rumors about H&M

H&M stock is plummeting, but are perhaps other things cooking at the Swedish multinational clothing retailer…? Well, according to the site Influencive a secret fashion tech project is brewing at the budget clothing chain. An unnamed ”credible source” was recently invited to their new technology lab in Los Angeles to witness the new project which is described as ”probably the strongest vision I’ve ever seen of what fashion will look like in the future”. All incredibly vague of course and most likely meant to be, in order to create maximum buzz for a company in great need to get their online shopping in tune with today’s customer needs. The source in question brought one thing with them after this mysterious meeting though: a website address containing nothing more than lifestyle pictures in the spirit of H&M. Want to try to interpret some kind of hidden message in to them? Go to

Next up: speaking at #FashionTech GBG today

Yes! Time for me to go west and speak about the wonderful world of Fashion Tech at #FashionTech Gbg! This event is special to me as it reaches out to young girls and women who might be entering the world of tech in the future. Hopefully I can offer some inspiration in the intersection between tech and fashion.


Rebecca Minkoff to Stockholm

Rebecca Minkoff, the founder of the American tech savvy brand bearing her own name, is visiting Stockholm soon to launch a new line of bags. And I’m invited! Yay! I am really looking forward to hearing all about their upcoming adventures in the tech world, being one of the most forward thinking brands in the industry when it comes to this. Will they bring the smart dressing room to Sweden? I’ll keep you posted.


Hallelujah! Asos launches the Shazam of shopping

Oh yes, NOW we’re getting somewhere! Asos just made every shopper happy by launching the Shazam of shopping, a tool that enables the customer to visually search for items they’re looking for. Let’s say you just saw something gorgeous on a friend, on Instagram or pictured in a magazine and you want to find something similar: Just go to the Asos app, look for the camera icon in the search bar, take a quick snapshot and then ask the search tool to find similar products. Of course you can also upload previous taken photographs from your camera roll and do the same thing. I have been waiting for this for years! Tiny bump in the road though: When I downloaded the app to try it, there was no camera symbol in the search bar. I’m just going to have to investigate this further and get back to you. But still – genius move.