Good sustainable news: Bolt Threads releases it own mushroom leather bag

Material innovation company Bolt Threads have done it again! After the collaborations with Stella McCartney, on the spider silk gold dress and the Falabella mushroom bag, they are now releasing their own first ever commercial product: the The Bolt Projects Mylo Driver Bag. The bag is handcrafted with canvas and leather grown from mycelium – the part of the mushrooms that grow underneath the ground. Apart from the bag being very stylish and is reported to be as strong as regular leather, it’s good news for the environment too. Creating it didn’t involve raising any livestock, creating any land erosion or methane emissions.
To create the bag Bolt Threads collaborated with Portland-based brand Chester Wallace, known for its handcrafting. At this point, the bags can be preordered on their Kickstarter page to be delivered to backers in the spring of 2019.
Bolt Mylo 3Photo credit: Bolt Threads


Bolt Mylo 4Photo credit: Bolt Threads


Bolt Mylo 2Photo credit: Bolt Threads

Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads launch bag made of mushroom leather

We have known for a while that british designer Stella McCartney has partnered up with biotech startup Bolt Threads. In 2017 they launched their first collaboration together, a spider silk dress that was showcased at MoMa in NYC.
Now they’re launching their second product together: McCartneys iconic Falabella bag, in the mushroom leather material Mylo, The Current Daily reports. The material is made out of mushroom mycelium cells, that has been grown in beds of corn stalks and other nutrition and self-assembled into a leather-like material.
– Once you take that technology and innovation and you marry it with luxury fashion and design and creativity, there’s no end to what magical madness you can create, Stella McCartney has told Forbes.
There are no plans as of yet to put this bag up for sale. But if you want to see it in real life, head out to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London where it will be displayed in the exhibition ”Fashioned by nature” from April 21.
Bolt Threads will also release their own version of the Mylo bag, available for preorder i June. With this project, Bolt Threads are moving in to new biotech territory. The company has so far been known for its manmade spider silk material Microsilk.
Mylo bag.jpg
The Stella McCartney + Bolt Threads Falabella Bag in Mylo leather.

More at MOMA: Stella McCartney + Bolt Threads collab

Speaking of MOMA and its exhibition ”Item: is fashion modern?”: Another exciting collaboration with fashion and biotech is being displayed there as well this fall. In fact it’s the dress made in collaboration with Stella McCartney and Californian company Bolt Threads, that manufactures a kind of yeast based silk that tries to imitate spider silk. This will be the first time the dress will be shown in public. And more is yet to come from the two companies, apparently. This is only the first of several items the company will be creating together, so keep your eyes open.

Är BioTech framtiden för FashionTech?

Ja, kanske det! Jag blir i alla fall väldigt inspirerad när jag ser mig omkring och ser hur driftiga människor försöker framställa läder utan att kor dör (Modern Meadow) och spindelsilke utan att involvera spindlar (Spiber och Bolt Threads blanda andra). Här finns en riktigt spännande möjlighet att addera till pluskontot för både miljö, människor och djur.
I ett angränsande område jobbar svenska Dedicated Institute som jag presenterade på Tech Loves Fashion i måndags. Tillsammans med Smart Textiles på Textilhögskolan i Borås och aktörer inom koldioxidavskiljning arbetar de på att framställa syntetiska textilfibrer av växthusgaser. Projektet pågår fram till september i år, så håll utkik efter detta.
Mycket kring hållbarhet handlar av nödvändighet om att avstå, bromsa och backa. Det här har potential att bli något annat.

Is Biotech the future of FashionTech?
It just might be! At least I get very inspired when I look around to see all these driven people trying to create leather without cows dying (Modern Meadow) and spider silk without involving spiders (Spiber and Bolt Threads among others). Here’s a really exciting opportunity to add to the plus account for the environment as well as animals and people.
In an adjacent field, there’s Swedish Dedicated Institute who was one of the three brands I presented on Tech Loves Fashion on Monday. Along with Smart Textiles at Borås Textile University and the carbon capture industry they’re trying to create synthetic textile fibres out of greenhouse gas. The project goes on until september, so keep an eye open for news.
A lot surrounding the subject of sustainability is by necessity about abstaining, decelerating and reversing. This has the potential to be something different.

Textilföretag gör tyg av spindelväv

Well, nästan i alla fall. Det amerikanska företaget Bolt Threads har kikat på hur spindlar tillverkar sin väv – som ju är stark och elastisk – och tänker nu starta storskalig textilproduktion enligt samma princip, skriver tidningen Miljö & Utveckling. Men oroa er inte – inga spindlar ska tvingas arbeta i fabrikerna. I stället tänker man härma egenskaperna i fibrerna de tillverkar och på teknisk väg skapa något liknande av socker, vatten salter och jäst.