Vogue Italia publishes its first non-photographic cover ever

“One hundred and fifty people involved. Twenty flights, ten trains. Forty machines available. Sixty international expeditions. At least ten hours of lights on continuously, partly powered by gasoline generators. Food waste from catering. Plastic to wrap clothes. Power to recharge phones, cameras…”.
That is what it takes to put together a fashion photoshoot for Vogue Italia and this is why the prestigious magazine chose to exclude all editorial photos from their January issue, according to their editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti, the Observer reports.
Instead they let a number of artists, ranging from ”well-known art icons to emerging talents to comic book legends” illustrate the models on display, without any travelling involved, to prove it possible to show clothes without photographing them.
They money saved on this issue will be donated to the restoration of the museum Fondazione Querini Stamperi, recently damaged in the floods.
I think it healthy that every part of the fashion industry takes a good look at their impact on the environment. And apparently, it is fully possible to do things differently, as Vogue Italia shows. But as always, one-offs aren’t going to change anything even if they help create awareness around the topic.
So t
he big question is then: will Vogue Italia continue on this track from now on? Will others follow? Will this spark conversation and action? I guess we’ll see.
Take a look at the cover here:
Italian Vogue’s January Issue Argues Fashion Photography Is Bad for the Environment