Next up: speaking at #FashionTech GBG today

Yes! Time for me to go west and speak about the wonderful world of Fashion Tech at #FashionTech Gbg! This event is special to me as it reaches out to young girls and women who might be entering the world of tech in the future. Hopefully I can offer some inspiration in the intersection between tech and fashion.


Rebecca Minkoff to Stockholm

Rebecca Minkoff, the founder of the American tech savvy brand bearing her own name, is visiting Stockholm soon to launch a new line of bags. And I’m invited! Yay! I am really looking forward to hearing all about their upcoming adventures in the tech world, being one of the most forward thinking brands in the industry when it comes to this. Will they bring the smart dressing room to Sweden? I’ll keep you posted.


Hallelujah! Asos launches the Shazam of shopping

Oh yes, NOW we’re getting somewhere! Asos just made every shopper happy by launching the Shazam of shopping, a tool that enables the customer to visually search for items they’re looking for. Let’s say you just saw something gorgeous on a friend, on Instagram or pictured in a magazine and you want to find something similar: Just go to the Asos app, look for the camera icon in the search bar, take a quick snapshot and then ask the search tool to find similar products. Of course you can also upload previous taken photographs from your camera roll and do the same thing. I have been waiting for this for years! Tiny bump in the road though: When I downloaded the app to try it, there was no camera symbol in the search bar. I’m just going to have to investigate this further and get back to you. But still – genius move.

Is virtual makeup try-on the future? Well, hopefully!

The beauty- and tech industries have been approaching each other for a while. And it seems we’re only about to see more of that from now on. The latest news is Holition who has teamed up with Facebook and make up brand Rimmel creating a service using Facebook’s in-app camera to allow users to virtually try on Rimmel’s different make up looks and share with the world. I haven’t tried this myself yet but I’m a fan of the idea in principle, especially if it eventually leads to better online shopping decisions. For now it’s probably just a good way for Rimmel to create buzz around their brand.

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Nike turns to tech to launch shoes the fun way

It may not be the easiest way to launch a new product, but certainly one of the more entertaining. When Nike dropped it’s latest model this summer, they turned to two of the things that people enjoy the most: playing games and doing so on their smartphones. Via their Nike + SNKRS app they let everybody know that the new shoe would only be available on a specific location on a specific day. If you weren’t present at the given location you simply couldn’t buy it. This made hoards of people of all ages and walks of life show up at one of the chosen locations, Washington Square Park, in New York City. In what Business of Fashion describes as a ”parkour inspired flash mob” people suddenly took off to a certain destination in the park, stopping only to pull out their credit cards. This way, the limited edition PSNY x Air Jordan 12s, turned into something far beyond just shoes and entered into treasured status symbols. Nike is not the first sneaker brand to try to implement smartphones and apps into their selling strategy, but probably the most successful so far.

Sweden’s innovation agency calls for new fashion tech applications

They have done it a couple of times before, but now it’s time again for Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova to call for new applications within the field of Fashion tech. This time they are looking for new services concerning production, consumption and use of fashion. Specifically that means projects that wants to transform organizations and institutions within fashion, working with tech to develop the digitalization of fashion in an innovative way. Last application date is Augusti 29th. Read more here.

The challenges of fashion going digital

So looking forward to today’s network meeting about the digitalization of fashion, arranged by Swedish Fashion Council and Stockholm University among others. How to match the ever moving and competitive fashion industry with the long-sightedness and perseverance that the digitalization requires? Well, that sure is a great challenge, especially when it comes to creating new business models. There’s also a great need for innovation and new ways of thinking not only when it comes to business models, but the whole way the fashion industry is organized in everything from creation and production to cross-industry cooperations. Among the speakers today are Michael Andersson och Julia Krantz from Volumental, Rickard Lindqvist from Atacac and Jonas Larsson from The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.

Photo cred: Ivyrevel’ s Data Dress, a great example of the change fashion currently is going through.