Rebecca Minkoff to Stockholm

Rebecca Minkoff, the founder of the American tech savvy brand bearing her own name, is visiting Stockholm soon to launch a new line of bags. And I’m invited! Yay! I am really looking forward to hearing all about their upcoming adventures in the tech world, being one of the most forward thinking brands in the industry when it comes to this. Will they bring the smart dressing room to Sweden? I’ll keep you posted.



Intel invests in retail tech

Oh yeah, retail tech is certainly happening now. And proof of that is that tech giant Intel is just about to invest 100 million dollar in retail tech over the next five years, according to Fashion and Mash. The idea is to create a platform based on IoT solutions that’s supposed to bring efficient and personalized shopping and also involve virtual reality and artificial intelligence experiences. Sound exciting indeed.
Meanwhile Rebecca Minkoff is launching a venture capital fund to find talent and resource in the tech startup scene that can benefit them and also the industry at large. And Rebecca Minkoff is certainly no stranger to retail tech solutions. They introduced the first connected fitting room in their flagship store in 2014 and recently also added a self-checkout service.


Swedish School of Textiles starts teaching digital trade

Shopping in the physical world is definitely going more and more digital. Rebecca Minkoff installed smart mirrors in the changing rooms of her flagship store a good while ago to make try-ons easier, and by fall 2015 Zara had done something similar by providing ipads in theirs. Now The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås has added the masters course Management of digital trade to their curriculum. The course is intended for students with a bachelor in business administration and the idea is to create an understanding not only for online trade but also how trade in physical stores is starting to change with these digital in store-solutions.