Brandspecific voices the next approach for brands heading into voice tech?

Forget Alexas and Googles generic voices. In the future, brands might need to find a specific voice identity just as well as a visual one, in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A voice with a recognizable accent and that aligns with the brand identity and DNA might then be an important marketing tool.
Because voice shopping is happening.
According to Juniper Research, the use of digital voice assistants is expected to triple by 2023. At the same time, voice commerce will grow substantially: Last year, voice commerce sales totaled 2,1 billion dollars. Now brands are beginning to see voice as an important new sales channel, according to The Current Daily.
The challenge is getting customers to discover products without a screen and the possibility to visualize the products. Instead it can be used in the brands marketing strategy, like Reebok did with their Swarowski collab, where customers could win a pair by by asking their voice assistant to ”open Reebok Sneaker Drop”. Another way is to enhance customer experience like H&M did last year in its NYC flagship store, with their voice activated fitting room mirror offering size recommendations and styling tips.
Reebok swarowski
Photo cred: Reebok